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Coles Driving Academy HPT theory cd-rom

How to run our Hazard Perception & Theory disc's

Place the disc in your CD drive, if the CD does not start automatically go to my computer and find the drive that contains the CD as in picture 1 if it starts automatically click here

From here double click on the Menu icon to run the splash start up screen as below

Then place your mouse pointer over the words "start" and the if the following window appears your browser is not set to support active x content. This can be seen by the yellow bar will appear as in the picture below

 picture 3

If this bar appears place your mouse pointer over the bar and click your mouse button to see a dialogue box as on picture 4 below. If your computer is already set to accept active x content you will see the screen shot as in picture 6

Click on Allow content to show the display below

Then click on the yes box, you disc is now fully operational as below, just click on the next box or navigate your way through by using the hyperlinks on the left hand side

If you have any problems with your disc or any item of the disc please do contact us using the form below or by speaking to your instructor.

For further information on the theory test click here

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